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What is ?

Coconut Sugar or Coconut Flower Sugar is a light brown crystalline sugar manufactured from the sap of blossom stems of the coconut palm tree. 

It is a popular natural sweetener because of its particularly low glycemic index, and very rich of sucrose with very less fructose as well as nutrient-rich profile such as potasioum, magnesium, zinc and iron. 

The low glycemic helps to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels which make it a viable consideration for some people with diabetes.

Due to natural light brown color and crystalized shape, it is an alternative ingredient to personal care products - such as exfoliating agents. Laboratories or chemists do not need to cover with colorant the white exfoliating ingredients. 

Certified Organic Coconut Sugar

  • Organic product is certified under the certification of USDA–NOP, European Union.
  • The USDA Organic Certificate Number is CU847432. 
  • Certified Food Safety HACCP.
  • The non-organic coconut sugar is also available.
  • NON-GMO product, verified.
  • Non- Gluten, verified.

  • PRIVATE Brand Packaging : Provide service of shelf-size pack of Coconut Sugar with customer private brand. The packaging type and weight are subject to discussion.
  • Shelf Life of product: 18 months.

Product Features of Coconut Sugar

  • No-Aritificial Preservative
  • Unrefined sugar, less process 
  • Source : Neera of Coconut Palm Tree
  • Content : Very high sucrose and very low fructose.
  • Natural flavor and  fragrant : Soft Caramel 

  1. Sucrose : > 80% 
  2. Glucose : 2-5%
  3. Fructose : 3-5%

  • Color : Golden light brown to dark.
  • Form : Powder - Granulated.
  • Size : Mesh 14 or 16 or 18.
  • Moisture content : maximum 2.0%.

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