100% Natural

Free from Artificial Preservatives:

Unlike the other refined sugar, the coconut sugar blossom nectar undergoes only few steps process to be coconug sugar product. It is called minimally refined in the process preserving the natural organic minerals and contents.

Earth Friendly:

It is is the most sustainable sweetener in the world. The palm trees use very minimal amounts of water and fuel and produce over period of 20 years, especially compared to sugar cane production that has been planted and harvested in very short time - can be as twice a year - using different kind of chemicals and fertilizers.

Sustainable and Premium Quality:

Produced from our farms under an international organic standard guide in which the blossom nectar or neera of coconut palm trees are systematically tapped, purified and cooked with very measurable time and heat in order to get the size, golden color and subtle caramel flavor and fragrant. All the process is is fully watched by the Internal Control System (ICS).